• One third of the year has passed - Assess

    Spring is a great time to review your progress and make adjustments to keep you on track for your goal.

    1. Have you gotten side tracked? Begin again

    2. Have you forgotten the goal? Write it down

    3. Are you tired of trying? Rest a while but don't quit, keep the goal before you.

    4. Losing your motivation? Assess why you are trying to increase and accomplish your goals. If the reasons are not enough to motivate you then you need to re-evaluate the goals and choose again.

    The good part is that it is still early enough in the year for you to make the necessary small or large changes. However as God said to Joshua in chapter 1:7 "Be very courageous". Push through to the end and you will obtain the victory.

    Our latest lesson shares leadership lessons for increase and promotion taken from the life of Joshua, Moses' minister. Learning to be humble and to serve the leaders in your life will promote you in the long run. Order your CDs or DVDs today!

    Also, make it a priority to join the Success Network.


God Loves You!!!

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